About Conversational Designs

The Designer

Hello, Friend! Thank you for visiting Conversational Designs. My name is Heather, and I am the owner and designer of Conversational Designs. I have been passionately creating since I could hold a crayon. I love incorporating meaning into beautiful things.  

Nothing is more beautiful than life itself. Abraham Lincoln is noted to have said, “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” Just think on that for a moment. What if you could pack in more life into an hour, a day, or a year?  What more would you do? What would you change?

Life is a beautiful, and the secret to filling each year with more meaning is to live intentionally. The truth is, all of us can live full and happy lives!

I am honored to have you join this journey. I hope you feel the love and intention I put into each design—because each design I create for you, my friend.

The Name

I have always been fascinated with words. I think it is fair to say that at some point in each of our lives, we have been touched by words–maybe it was after reading an inspiring chapter from a book, receiving an unexpected note from a friend, or hearing I forgive you from a loved one. A word, written or expressed, has power upon the hearts of those who receive them. In choosing a company name, I searched for words that would emanate power and support the heart of why I created this company.

The word conversation is derived from the latin word conversor meaning “abide or keep company with.” The English archaic (14th century) definition of the word conversation connotes behavior and is defined as “the way one conducts oneself”; and “a person’s way of life”

Noah Webster’s 1828 dicitonary defines conversation as “behavior; especially as it respects morals”

The definition of designs is not just about creative representation, it is also defined as “to purpose or intend” or the “intention that exists […] behind a […] material object.”

Thus the name Conversational Designs is not merely about beautiful things to surround yourself with but rather, it is about creating a lifestyle of intention.



The Purpose

My sweet mother’s decorating style has always been clean, elegant, and simple. Her love for truth, her desire for a meaningful and intentional life, and her devout faith in God were visibly expressed all around the house through quotes, written messages, and meaningful decor. She made our house a home.

Walking around my childhood home you would find a quote taped to the fridge, a message framed in the bathroom, and meaningful decor displayed on the mantel and on bookshelves of the library. She decorated intentionally– creating the environment and lifestyle that she wanted.

What she placed in our home would often inspire me and spark a conversation inside my heart, causing me to stop and think about my behavior and how I was living:  Do my actions reflect who I desire to become? Am I kind to others and to myself? Am I living in the present? These conversations were a regular heart to heart of sorts, and I would consistently be recharged with a determination to be better than I was the day before.

Just as my mother created our home to be a place of truth, intentional living, and faith, Conversational Designs is purposed to help you do the same.

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